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Haringey Learning Partnership



If you are a parent or professional, you can make a direct enquiry. In the first instance, we encourage you to:
  • Visit the school
  • Meet the headteacher
  • Explore our teaching and learning environment
  • Meet our students and staff

Referrals for Haringey Learning Partnership are to a multi-agency panel which meets weekly. This panel includes the Executive Headteacher, representatives from Haringey Council and representatives from the SEN team.

 We accept referrals from:

  • Local authority teams
  • Social workers
  • Residential care homes or fostering services
  • Virtual school teams

To make an informed decision, we will need:

  • A completed Haringey Learning Partnership admissions form
  • A copy of the EHCP
  • The school reports
  • LAC review paperwork
  • Any other relevant documents

Please use link below for referrals 

 Key principles

1.     Admissions to HLP are controlled by the Panel under its Terms of Reference, and all referrals are made to the central system.
2.     Students are admitted to HLP, not to individual provisions. The only exception to this is the in-patient psychiatric provision at Simmons House.
3.     Access to some areas of provision also requires signing up to a Service Level Agreement, and the terms described within.
4.     HLP does not have additional criteria for entry beyond those of the individual provisions.
5.     Students may move from one alternative provision to another as circumstances change as determined by the Panel.
6.     Alternative Provision is not an end in itself. The vast majority of students will return to mainstream provision. The journey back to mainstream begins with robust admissions procedures.
7.     Referrals may be initiated by the local authority or individual schools. The same criteria apply in both cases.
8.     The Panel will adopt a ‘best fit’ approach when dealing with individual cases. This includes determining that a student should remain in, or return to, mainstream position.
9.     Referrals will not be accepted if the form is incomplete or if there is insufficient supporting evidence.
10.   HLP will always work with mainstream schools, the local authority and agencies to solve a problem, and to ensure that students are in a place that meets their needs whether in mainstream or alternative provision.


Relationship with other Local Authority panels

1.     In Year Fair Access Panel - the primary role of IYFAP is to place students in mainstream schools, including those whom HLP considers is ready to return to mainstream provision. IYFAP may determine that the Panel should consider a referral but does not have the power to force admission. HLP also works with IYFAP and the local authority to support a complete overview of managed moves.
2.     SEN Panel – HLP should be seen as a temporary provision and cannot be the named provision on an Education Health Care Plan.
3.     Early Help Panel – HLP will play an active part in ensuring its students and their families benefit from the services available to them.
Local Authority referrals may be made when
1.     A child who is Looked After, and/or has an EHCP, but is unplaced. This will most usually be a temporary arrangement before joining a mainstream school.
2.     A student moves to Haringey who attended alternative provision in another authority.


Referral Process


  1. Multi-agency panel meetings (see Terms of Reference) are held weekly (Mondays) to consider any referrals to HLP.
  2. A referral form must be completed in full, with supporting evidence attached for all students being referred to HLP. Please note that any incomplete referrals will be sent back to the referrer for completion before they can be considered at panel.*
  3. Referral forms and all supporting evidence must be received by Wednesday at 12pm in order to be considered for the following Monday’s panel. Referrals should be sent to
  4. Outcomes will be communicated by the following Wednesday at 12pm (one week after submission deadline).
  5. Students will attend the provision, once admitted to HLP, within a maximum of 10 school days.


*Please note that Simmons House sits outside of this referrals process and schools are not able to refer directly to this provision.