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Haringey Learning Partnership


Curriculum Overview 

At Haringey Learning Partnership, our curriculum is designed to meet a student’s individual needs, and provide appropriate qualifications and experiences to support their future success. Our curriculum is planned and delivered with the aim of preparing all students for the next steps in their educational pathways. Students are given opportunities to bridge gaps in their knowledge, develop confidence and experience a range of positive learning experiences. 

All our students are assessed on entry so that they have access to a highly personalised education package which enables them to work towards a level of certification or qualification consistent with their circumstances and abilities. We are proud that students who are able can achieve 5 or more GCSEs grade 9-4, Including English, maths and science. However, for some a more vocational pathway is appropriate.

The aims of our curriculum are:

  • To provide a balanced, accessible and relevant range of learning experiences.
  • To know our students - their strengths, interests and needs – and use this knowledge to make the best possible personalised offer to them.
  • To develop our students as learners and as people so that they are confident and able to secure and sustain positive, meaningful and relevant post 16 destinations.
  • To provide our students with the most up to date information, advice and guidance on opportunities that they will have after leaving. 

    Curriculum Intent

    The curriculum at HLP reflects our shared values to ‘aim high and be the best we possibly can’. It is our firm belief that while the HLP curriculum may offer alternatives to mainstream education, it must never be inferior. Our curriculum: 

    • is specialised and personalised to meet the needs of individual students 
    • is sequenced carefully and effectively to ensure that students, however long they are with us, can build on prior knowledge which will stay with them as they progress through education 
    • is taught by subject experts who are passionate about their field 
    • empowers our students to find and develop their own voice 
    • places strong emphasis on developing students’ literacy and numeracy  
    • opens doors – new and old - which students may have felt were closed to them previously.

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If you wish to find out more information about the curriculum, please contact Martina Breslin on 0208 829 9846 or email