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Haringey Learning Partnership

Literacy and Numeracy


Numeracy Statement of Intent

Numeracy is proficiency in manipulating numbers. It is about being confident and competent in using numbers and data and making good decisions in daily life. Numeracy involves the application of mathematics to familiar and unfamiliar contexts: across the curriculum and in model real-life situations.

At HLP we want every child to develop a sound understanding of numbers while equipping them with the skills of calculation, reasoning, and problem-solving that they need in life beyond school. In order to achieve these goals, we are incorporating and integrating numeracy across the whole-school curriculum. We want numeracy to be evident and present in every subject area planning and in lessons. Not only do we want the staff to be equipped with numeracy skills, but we also aim to tap into the rich and diverse knowledge and cultural base of our staff so that our pupils can also learn different ways of dealing with mathematical problems in real-life situations.

Numeracy is also incorporated into weekly tutor time sessions, with a focus on how students can better understand the numbers and figures they see in the news. Our numeracy strategy means numeracy will be present across the curriculum, with each subject incorporating numeracy where relevant in their schemes of learning.

To view the Numeracy Strategy, Click Here