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Haringey Learning Partnership





Anne Frank Exhibition 

Students at Haringey Learning Partnership, a network of alternative provision schools across Haringey, have been working with the Anne Frank Trust in preparation for Holocaust Memorial Day on Thursday 27th January. 

The 40-panel exhibition, which has toured the world, has now been temporarily installed at Commerce House, one of Haringey Learning Partnership’s schools, in Wood Green. 


The exhibition is titled 'Anne Frank, A History for Today' and features photographs of the Frank family and the build up to World War Two. Maps of significant places, excerpts of Anne's diary and quotes from her father will also be on show at Haringey Learning Partnership. 

It comes as a new investigation has identified a suspect who may have betrayed the Frank family to the Nazis in 1944 after two years of hiding in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. 


15-year-old Annie died in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945. Her diary was published after the war and has become one of the most famous books of the 20th Century. 

Students from Years 9 and 10 at Haringey Learning Partnership were selected as exhibition guides and mentors. Following two days of intensive training from the Anne Frank Trust, they are now well informed and able to educate our students, staff, families and wider Haringey community. 

Guests to the private viewing of the exhibition on Tuesday and Thursday this week included HLP staff and students; Laura Butterfield from HLP's Management Committee; Director of Children's Services for Haringey, Ann Graham; and the Mayor of Haringey, Adam Jogee. 

Gerry Robinson, Executive Headteacher, said: 'Working with the Anne Frank Trust to help students understand the atrocities of the Holocaust is very important to us at HLP. We want our young people to learn from the past and feel empowered to strive for a better, kinder future. We are very proud of the students for being such informative, knowledgeable, and empathetic tour guides, and grateful to the Anne Frank Trust for giving us the opportunity to remember Anne Frank and learn from her story.'