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Haringey Learning Partnership

Physical Education


We are fortunate at Commerce House and across HLP to have excellent sporting facilities offering our students a range of activities to stretch the physical, and mental capabilities. These sports include table tennis, fitness, badminton, basketball, football, touch rugby, cricket, dodgeball, and many others.  

We aim to give our students knowledge of a wide variety of sports so that when they are older and have left school, they feel physically educated enough to carry on doing some form of physical activity: whether that be in a local gym, a football team, a netball club, a gymnastics club, trampolining club, basketball club, athletics club, cricket team or in fact, any type of physical activity which will benefit their fitness and health. 

To supplement the curriculum with other several extracurricular and alternative pursuits including sailing, circus skills, fitness club and weight training 

At key stage four we offer a Vocational Certificate in Health and Fitness. Why study Health and Fitness? V Certs are a suite of high-quality technical qualifications which are appropriate for Key Stage 4 students who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on practical content. They are a technical alternative to GCSE’s with equivalent levels of rigour and challenge. The NCFE Level 1/2 Certificate in Health and Fitness is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and understanding of the applied study of good health and fitness practices and an understanding of working in the sector. What key knowledge, concepts and skills will I learn about? The principles of training and FITT, how physical activities affect the body in the short and long term, how relevant fitness tests can be used for specific health and fitness components, different lifestyle analysis tools and how to apply them and creating a health and fitness programme. What qualities are required to do well? 

 • Independent learning skills  

• Communication skills  

• Teamwork skills