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Haringey Learning Partnership

Respite Provision


We are grateful for all of the support our son received at Haringey Learning Partnership and want to thank the staff for getting him back into a mainstream school quickly and successfully. - Parent

Respite and Reintegration 

Respite & Reintegration is for students who may benefit from a short period of time away from mainstream provision in order for them to reflect and to be equipped with support and strategies prior to return.


  • It is a placement with fixed start and end dates.
  • Placements may be for a maximum of six weeks.
  • The only exception to this is for students with a fixed term exclusion of longer than 5 days.
  • Students stay on their school roll and return at the end.




  1. Each student undergoes a range of assessments on entry to evaluate attitudes to school and to ascertain if there are any undiagnosed learning needs.
  2. Significant focus on English, mathematics and personal development.
  3. Delivery is from a mixture of specialist teachers and provision specific staff.
  4. Close contact with home and host school with regular updates on progress.
  5. Access to specialist services as determined by the assessment process.
  6. Meetings with family and host school at start and end of placement.
  7. Full report at the end of the placement including the outcomes of the assessment, the curriculum they have followed, progress over time and objectives for the future.

Contact with mainstream school beyond the end of the placement to ensure success.