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Haringey Learning Partnership

Tuition in the Community


For students whose circumstances mean they are unable to attend a school location, Tuition in the Community led by Haringey Learning Partnership staff, ensures that every student continues to be engaged with learning, making progress and achieving.  Most students attend our classroom setting at Wood Green Library, where they benefit from bespoke teaching, delivered 1:1 by specialist teachers. Some students attend our Philip House site.

The 1:1 and small group teaching is complemented by access to the enrichment programme housed at Commerce House and support from our extensive range of therapeutic services. 

For those whose medical needs mean they are unable to leave the home, teaching can be delivered at the students’ home, embodying our dedication to providing access to high-quality teaching and learning, no matter what the circumstance.  

Students who attend our Tuition in the Community provisions remain dual-rolled with their mainstream schools and our staff liaise regularly with the school, to ensure that the young person remains up to date with the curriculum being delivered. 

Following a successful placement with Tuition in the Community or at a time when the student is well enough to do so, we carefully support a reintegration back to the young person’s mainstream school.